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We believe that everyone should Love Where They Live! This is the motivation for everything we do. To accomplish this core belief our staff and agents invest large amounts of time and energy learning what is truly important to our clients. Some agencies will work with as many clients as they can get under contract. Land Quest, on the other hand, limits the number of clients that we work with at one time in order to provide the attention and focus that each of our clients deserves.

This means when you are looking to find the perfect home, we are not satisfied with simply sending a large amount of listings. Instead, we seek to understand exactly what type of home will truly make you happy, how many bedrooms, how many bathrooms, what type of neighborhood, what price range, what school district, etc. Then our team of experts goes to work to find that perfect home so that you will truly Love Where You Live.

If you looking to sell your home, we are not satisfied with simply taking a few pictures, sticking a sign in your yard, and posting your home on the MLS. Instead, we spend hours with our clients understanding why they are looking to sell, the highest price point for profitability, what improvements could be made to your home to generate greater interest, and secret techniques we’ve learned through over a decade of experience that will help to create multiple offers on your home. We believe that if we can help you sell your existing home for what you need, you can then move to your next home and Love Where You Live.

Our testimonials speak for themselves. Please see what past clients are saying about our agents.



At Land Quest we believe that each of our clients deserves 100% of our attention. Unlike other brokerages who work with multiple customers at a time, we choose to only work with a selected few. This allows our agents to devote the time and attention that you deserve to sell your home or help you find the home of your dreams.


Land-Quest specializes in the purchase, renovation and sale of single and multifamily properties throughout Kenosha & Racine, WI. We are dedicated to helping people purchase properties that are completely renovated for lower than market prices. Whether you're looking to purchase your first home, remodel your existing home, or simply learn more about investing in real estate, there is no one more dedicated than Land-Quest.

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